Working Class Hero by John Lennon Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “Working Class Hero” by John Lennon with this free guitar lesson. “Working Class Hero” was one of John’s first singles after his split up with the Beatles. You can find this song on the album Plastic Ono Band released in 1970.

This song is definitely one of the easier Lennon Tunes to play on acoustic guitar.  You will only need to know two basic chords:  A Minor and G Major.

This song introduces two guitar techniques that you may not already be familiar with.  One is a Hammer On and the other is a strumming technique. These may seem intimidating at first, but they really aren’t that difficult to learn if you practice enough, so don’t let these techniques scare you away from learning this song.

Video Lesson

Big thanks to James who made these video lessons available!  You can see more of his videos by following this link to reach his channel over at YouTube.

As performed by John Lennon

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Working Class Hero Chords & Lyrics

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