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Eb7sus4 Guitar Chord Lesson

In the following post, we will be covering how to play the Eb7sus4 guitar chord . The Eb7sus4 Guitar Chord is found by locating the 1, 4, 5 and b7 positions of the Eb Major scale: Eb F G Ab Bb C D Eb, or the notes Eb, Ab, Bb and Db. The "b7" symbol is referring to the flattened 7th position of the Eb Scale. When we flatten a note, we are simply going back 1/2 step from that note. In this case, … [Read More...]

Beginner Acoustic Guitar

Great Guitar Practice Routine for Beginners to Intermediate Players

Here is an effective and enjoyable lesson from David Taub with Next Level Guitar.  This is a great practice routine that you can add to your       daily routine. It will force you to work on things like chord changes, strumming patterns, rhythm and how to get some new and interesting sounds. If […]

Memorizing The Fretboard – Easy Guitar Lesson

Here is a fantastic lesson by Neal Walter  a guitarist and instructor for GuitarTricks.  Neal will provide you with a bunch of excellent tips that will make learning the guitar fretboard a much easier task.   There are a number of helpful methods out there that help you memorize the notes on your guitar, but […]

Advanced Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar Lesson – New Fingerpicking Pattern

Below is a cool fingerpicking lesson for acoustic guitar from instructor Lisa McCormick with GuitarTricks.com. This pattern starts off with a basic open G Major Chord. You begin by playing the sixth string of the G Chord with your thumb, followed by the first string with your middle finger, third string with your thumb and […]

Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking Patterns

Fingerpicking, also known as Finger Style Guitar, is a style of guitar playing where you play the strings directly with your finger tips, finger nails, or pics attached to your fingers.  This is different than the Flatpicking style of guitar where you use a flatpick held in your strumming hand to play the strings. Fingerpicking […]

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