Top 20 Easy Acoustic Guitar Tabs/Songs You Can Start Playing Now!

Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs For Beginners – Start Learning How To Play Today!

Greetings fellow guitarist. I really appreciate your visit. So, I hear you are looking for some cool, easy songs to learn on the guitar? Very good then. You have found the perfect place.

It is true. One of the best ways to gain more experience with your instrument is to learn popular songs. Be careful however. This should not be your ONLY form of practice. Learning popular music is certainly a great way to learn chords, chord progressions, strumming patterns, solos and more, but it should not take the place of other forms of practice. Variety is key when learning how to play the acoustic guitar. Just keep that in mind as you play along with the songs below.

That being said, below are 20 popular songs for you to dive into right now and start learning. These are all aimed at beginners however there are some that are very simple and others that may take a bit longer for you to get the hang of. I purposely designed it this way to challenge you. If you never challenge yourself or try new and different things, you will never improve.

As you are going through these songs, please keep in mind that the following 20 are only a small sample of our easy acoustic guitar songs. If you follow the link below, you will find many more songs you can start learning and playing right away. You will find songs in a variety of genres including country, rock, pop, folk and more. Just follow the link below to browse our entire library of songs.

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I have done my best to find video lessons, tablature, chords and other helpful resources for each song listed below. I do not guarantee the accuracy of any of the following videos,lyrics, chords, or other information. All of these songs are well within reach for beginners if you dedicate enough time to learning them.

If you find this post helpful, please consider sharing this link on Facebook, Twitter or any other community you belong to by clicking the sharing buttons above and below this post. Please also consider leaving a comment below. I appreciate your support! Please enjoy these acoustic songs!

Song 1 :

A Horse With No Name by America

Song 2 :

For What It’s Worth by Buffalo Springfield

Song 3 :

Feeling Alright by Dave Mason

Song 4 :

Knocking on Heavens Door by Bob Dylan

Song 5 :

Wild Thing as Performed by the Troggs, Written by Chip Taylor

Song 6 :

Hey Soul Sister by Train

Song 7 :

Lean on Me by Bill Withers

Song 8 :

Redemption Song by Bob Marley

Song 9 :

Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Song 10 :

Good Riddance (Time of your Life) By Green day

Song 11 :

Free Fallin’ by Tom Petty

Song 12 :

You and Your Heart by Jack Johnson

Song 13 :

You’re Beautiful by James Blunt

Song 14 :

Broken by Lifehouse

Song 15 :

Sounds of Silence by Simon and Garfunkel

Song 16 :

The Scientist by ColdPlay

Song 17 :

Take It Easy By The Eagles

Song 18 :

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

Song 19 :

Brown Eyed Girl By Van Morrisson

Song 20 :

Turn The Page By Bob Seger

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  1. Jake on Tue, 24th Jun 2008 8:27 pm 

    Thanks so much i really appreciate this article. You put everything together very nicely! Great job!

  2. Jordan on Thu, 10th Jul 2008 12:47 am 

    This is awesome. There’s no other website like it.

    Thank you!

  3. Peter Greaves on Thu, 7th Aug 2008 8:52 pm 

    This site is great. I’ve had my first guitar less than a week and I’m already stumming Knocking on Heavans Door (badly !!)

    I’m teaching myself so I plan to work through these songs.

    Keep it up and many thanks.

    PETE G

  4. guitar player on Sat, 1st Nov 2008 8:01 pm 

    Just to let you know, johnny cash wrote hurt , not nine inch nails. :/

  5. rserpe on Tue, 4th Nov 2008 8:13 pm 

    Actually It was written by Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. It was on their Downward Spiral Album then in 2002 Cash covered the song.

  6. Tom Fontana on Mon, 4th May 2009 1:53 pm 

    Yep, it was definitely Trent Reznor, not Johnny Cash, even though I think the Cash version is much better. The wikipedia page on the song even has what Reznor had to say about the Cash version, its very much worth reading.

  7. Liam on Sun, 24th May 2009 10:23 pm 

    this really is very good. Well done. Iv already sent the link to a friend!

  8. macky on Tue, 26th May 2009 5:53 am 

    nice job guys…!

  9. Heather on Sun, 14th Jun 2009 4:23 pm 

    OMG! My boyfriend just got me a guitar! I love it, but I couldnt play anything, and he can’t seem to teach me. I found this website has got me playing song already. I have had my guitar for only 3 days! I know 4 song already and everytime he come i play a new one and he is all surprise! I love this site. You guys should put more songs up! More of a varity or something. Just more songs to help people like me learn! Love it!

  10. Peter on Tue, 21st Jul 2009 7:17 pm 

    i like your website! thankyou very much for making it possible for me to learn the guitar. i have had mine for little over a year now i had a few tries at it but its been collecting as i have not had the time to learn. now i have the time and i stumbled across your site you have made it so easy for me to start learning. i thank you ever so much for gettin me closer to my dream of playing my guitar.
    thanks again

  11. rserpe on Tue, 21st Jul 2009 11:04 pm 

    Hi Peter,

    You are most welcome. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the site! All the best with your guitar playing!

  12. fender22 on Mon, 10th Aug 2009 7:28 pm 

    You have to check out the new taylor swift song, you belong with me. Easy chords, easy rythem. D, A, Em, G..

  13. Tucker on Sun, 13th Sep 2009 6:12 pm 

    Awesome site, man. Thanks.

  14. Tucker on Sun, 13th Sep 2009 6:13 pm 

    Awesome site, man. Thanks. Lovin the songs =]

  15. Tiarnan on Mon, 28th Sep 2009 8:22 pm 

    this site is great keep up the gud work =]

  16. zack on Thu, 8th Oct 2009 1:52 pm 

    hi there …. thanks for this great tips … it’s really owesome as a beginner to find you’reself playing complete songs all by tyour own ….
    but I was wondering if you can send me some 2-string songs cuz they sounds easier to play .. plaese .. nad thank you anyway for this great site

  17. Laura on Thu, 15th Oct 2009 12:02 am 

    This site is awesomee !. i’ve learned 3 songs in less than 1 hour !.

  18. eoin on Fri, 16th Oct 2009 1:26 am 

    Great stuff, thanks for the list!

  19. Carlos on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 2:44 pm 

    This website is truly amazing! It helps enhance a beginners experience on the guitar and can provide motivation at the same time. Something that could be added is how to change guitar strings, and tune your guitar properly. Other then that I look forward to continue to using this site! (after I get my guitar fixed…)

  20. rserpe on Wed, 25th Nov 2009 3:30 pm 

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for your very generous compliment on my website. I appreciate your visit and comment! Regarding your suggestion on how to change strings and tune your guitar. I do actually have a section dedicated to this. Click the links below to reach those sections:

    How to change your guitar strings
    How to tune your guitar

  21. dj on Fri, 11th Dec 2009 7:19 pm 

    wow this is great learning how to play songs always gets me through hard times and this site helped me how to learn alot so thanks:}

  22. michel on Sun, 13th Dec 2009 5:20 pm 

    Great site, thnx, now i’m making progression real quick!!!
    keep on posting these lessons, i’ll be checking this site regularly!!

  23. Rob Gigs on Fri, 25th Dec 2009 9:37 pm 

    As a matter of fact, Nine Inch Nails did write the song,
    and while Johnny Cash was dying, he thought the lyrics fit his life perfectly, so he made the song his, but the original is by Nine Inch Nails. Search it up :)

  24. Kelly on Thu, 7th Jan 2010 11:38 am 

    this is a great way to learn songs… really loved it

  25. Josh on Fri, 15th Jan 2010 7:35 pm 

    Hey cool site. I have been playing guitar for about 13yrs on and off, but I always set it aside for a month or two. I came across your site and learned some new songs and haven’t put down my guitar since. Thanks for re-sparking the fun!

  26. rserpe on Fri, 15th Jan 2010 11:30 pm 

    Hey Josh….

    Thanks for your positive feedback! I am happy to hear you are enjoying the site….

    Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so that you will be notified whenever I add a new song or other post to my blog:

  27. torin on Thu, 11th Feb 2010 8:54 am 

    dude this website rocks.ive been playin just on three years and until i found this i was lost. i couldnt play much and couldnt make a half decent song if i tried. this website just changed my attitude towards my guitar totally and ive loved it ever since. thanks guys.

  28. hollie on Sun, 14th Feb 2010 5:39 pm 

    i can only do ile of the tiger and i got a feeling by the Black eyed peas and surfiver thank you and if you want to look at some cords that you can try to do just go on a webcite and find out the things you need to no thank you for reading

  29. rserpe on Sun, 14th Feb 2010 9:16 pm 

    Hi Torin,

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your positive feedback on the site! I am happy to hear you are enjoying and learning!

    Rock On!

  30. sophie on Tue, 9th Mar 2010 7:05 pm 

    i really love this website i can play alot of these songs

  31. sophie on Tue, 9th Mar 2010 7:06 pm 

    i really love this website:)

  32. Ricky Weed on Sun, 14th Mar 2010 7:50 am 

    looks interesting and going to try it out.

  33. martin on Sun, 21st Mar 2010 7:27 pm 

    Great list, thanks. Good Riddance was actually one of the first songs I learned. Can’t tell you how many times that came in handy around a campfire!

  34. Timmy Chatsworth on Thu, 29th Apr 2010 2:39 am 

    I love learning songs from this site, its a great resource and helped me learn 2 new songs after a VERY short time of playing. Thanks!

  35. daniel williams on Mon, 3rd May 2010 7:17 am 

    Wow! Ive been playing the guitar for nearly 5 years now. I know many cover songs and have my own as well. I just recently joined a band and i have to say, this site is truly amazing for beginners and people like myself. I have yet to search the whole site and felt that i needed to leave a great comment already! Its a big TWO thumbs up for me and i would recommend it to any body! not just beginners! :)

  36. rserpe on Mon, 3rd May 2010 3:26 pm 

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for leaving such a wonderful, positive comment regarding my site! I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying it. I do hope you find the rest of the website helpful and enjoyable. All the best and Rock On!

    – Ralph

  37. samaste.march on Tue, 15th Jun 2010 2:44 am 

    I love to play guitar. When I buy guitar, I don’t know how to play songs. But with the help of your website I learn how to play guitar. Thank you for help me.

  38. Keri on Sat, 17th Jul 2010 8:20 am 

    I played guitar for about two years, then put it aside for a year or so, but then i decided to get back into it because my boyfriend suggested it to me. I’ve had my guitar for three/four weeks and i just couldn’t play to save my life, then i just so happened to come across your website and it has helped me so much! This site has made me motivated and inspired to play more, and i’m definitely going to come back soon to learn more songs! I’ve already learned Redemption Song, and my boyfriend loves Bob Marley, so he will be proud of me! Thank you so much!(:

  39. rserpe on Sat, 17th Jul 2010 3:54 pm 

    Hi Keri!

    Thanks for stopping by and for leaving such a wonderful comment! I really appreciate your visit. I am thrilled to hear that the website is helping you. The credit for the Redemption Song Lesson actually goes to Marty Schwartz. He is the person who created that video lesson. Well thanks again Keri and I wish you all the best with your guitar playing.

    – Ralph

  40. Zach on Mon, 19th Jul 2010 10:23 pm 

    @guitar player: Nine Inch Nails wrote hurt ton Johnny Cash

  41. Edward on Wed, 28th Jul 2010 3:09 am 

    @guitar player “Hurt” was originally wrote AND performed by Nine Inch Nails, though never released as a single. Johnny Cash re-did “Hurt” after the death of his wife and love, June Carter Cash. Rolling Stones later named it as the 15th best song of all time out of 50. And it’ll also be the first song I learn.

    –> Source “″

  42. Bobby on Sun, 17th Oct 2010 8:25 am 

    Thanks for this! We got a periodical test coming up, and I didn’t know where the heck im gonna play, all of my classmates know hard songs, but I just want a simple one. Thank you for this, especially for the easiest horse with no name. I think I’m gonna have a perfeect scoooore!

  43. Ryan on Fri, 26th Nov 2010 12:36 am 

    NIN Hurt – best song ever both versions are awesome. I just might learn the guitar now, as I play drums. Trent Reznor inspired me.Piano too, hopefully. And yeah Trent wrote it, Definitely.

  44. Dylan Gross on Tue, 28th Dec 2010 6:07 am 

    This website is really amazing. At the current moment I am teaching myself how to play the guitar. I got a Yamaha acoustic Christmas. This website had been a goldmine of knowledge. Thanks to the creators for putting this up here. I feel the one major obstacle is ryhthm. I can’t seem to get a fluid motion going. Any suggestions?

  45. LoveGuitar on Mon, 21st Feb 2011 5:25 pm 

    I love love love this website it has helped me so much thanx!

  46. Max Martinez on Sun, 6th Mar 2011 8:49 pm 


  47. @guitar player on Thu, 10th Mar 2011 12:19 am 

    @guitar player. just to let you know, Hurt is a NIN song, originally. Johnny Cash covered it (: Might wanna check your facts before you comment on it. Google it. I did when I found out Hurt was a NIN song from youtube comments. It works. Hehe

  48. Apprendre a jouer de la guitare on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 6:15 pm 

    Been looking for this for quite awhile now. Thank you very much! Keep up the great work!


  49. brocklee420 on Tue, 22nd Mar 2011 3:37 pm 

    johnny cash did not write hurt trent rezner (nin) did

  50. John Sizemore on Thu, 31st Mar 2011 7:03 pm 

    Great job Ryan! No wonder you have so many shares on facebook! I love the way you’ve set up the songs and tabs. Very Cool!

  51. logan632 on Sat, 23rd Apr 2011 8:50 am 

    yo man thanks for the website i’ve HAD a guitar for about 2 to 3 years never once didi i pick it up until i was going to take guitar class in school so i wanted to learn a few songs so i find this website and instead of learning 1 or 2 i learned LIKE 5 thanks sooo much for the website keep up the great work also mabye you could make the songs in genre like hop, rock, classic, island, etc. other than that agian great job and thanks.

  52. Anonymous on Thu, 19th May 2011 6:32 pm 

    Great site. I have learnt a few of the songs on the list. Knocking on Heaven’s Door is my favourite. They are really easy to learn, but very effective and everyone loves them. One song I picked up recently was Chris Rea’s Road to Hell. Really easy. I think it would be suitable for this site.

  53. chumbi101 on Sat, 21st May 2011 1:30 am 

    im getting my 1st guitar in a week and im planning on using this site

    thanx heaps 4 giving beginers like me to hav the chance to follow our dreams :)

  54. bobby jackson on Tue, 24th May 2011 9:24 pm 

    just started playing the guitar a couple of months ago and i appreciate sites like this that helps beginners like me to get better and better.any advice and tips that i can get is greatly appreciated.

  55. Gregory Tartamella on Sun, 11th Sep 2011 11:48 pm 

    This weblog is great. There’s generally all of the appropriate facts in the recommendations of my fingers. Many thanks and keep up the excellent work!

  56. ROFL on Fri, 20th Jan 2012 1:05 am 

    johnny cash covering a NIN song… he was always passionate about them and expressed that they were his favourite band

  57. Gary on Mon, 2nd Apr 2012 11:05 am 

    Very in depth site. Great job you have tons of quality content going on.

  58. Anonymous on Mon, 9th Apr 2012 9:07 am 

    You actually make it appear really easy together with your presentation however I to find this matter to be really something which I think I’d never understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely extensive for me. I am taking a look ahead for your subsequent submit, I will attempt to get the grasp of it!

  59. Andrew on Tue, 31st Jul 2012 2:45 am 

    Great site, your right these are some really easy songs to get started playing the acoustic guitar with. Keep up the good work..

  60. Anonymous on Sun, 30th Dec 2012 7:55 pm 

    Thank you for sharing your info. I truly appreciate your efforts and
    I will be waiting for your further write ups
    thanks once again.

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