A Horse With No Name by America – Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “A Horse With No Name by America with this free acoustic guitar lesson. Released in 1972, “A Horse With No Name” was America’s first and most successful single.  It topped the charts in several different countries and was certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America. You can read more about this song over at Wikipedia.

Below are two videos. The first is a video that will teach you how to play this song on guitar. It was made by the folks over at Next Level Guitar.  These guys produce a lot of great instructional videos for guitar.   Definitely check them out when you have time.  The second video is the original song as performed by the band America.

Video Lesson From You Tube

As David from Next Level Guitar demonstrates  below, this song only has two chords, which makes this song very easy to play.  It was one of the first songs I learned on acoustic guitar.  The two chords you will need to know for this song are:  E Minor and a D6 Add 9 Chord which David will explain how to play.  I know, it sounds like a complicated chord, but it really is very easy to play. Enjoy!

The Original Song as Performed by America

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56 Comments on "A Horse With No Name by America – Guitar Lesson"

  1. Paul E. Walker on Sun, 25th Jan 2009 10:55 pm 

    Great job chief, I am very green on this guitar thing I take lessons and have a great teacher, but he has a full time job as do I and you make it pretty easy to understand and right now I am just looking for song I can play right away rather trying to taylor myself into the song, there is a ton of great acoustic songs out there I just don’t always know which ones are easy to play


    Paul Walker

  2. rserpe on Sun, 25th Jan 2009 11:21 pm 

    Hi Paul,

    You are most welcome. I am very happy this is helping you learn. More great content to come!

    – Ralph

  3. anon on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 4:58 am 

    The video with the original song has been removed by the user. I’m not saying this because I’m too lazy to go look for it, I just thought that you would like to know.

  4. rserpe on Wed, 28th Jan 2009 2:39 pm 

    Thank you for making me aware of the removed video. I have replaced it with a new one.

  5. Jimmy K on Mon, 2nd Feb 2009 2:31 am 

    I just started playing the guitar two months ago. I like how you teach. It was easy to follow. Where’s the rest of your stuff? I want to learn from you! My wife and I had a great time jamming and singing along…not bad for playing one month! I’d rate you but honestly I don’t know how!

  6. enoch on Wed, 11th Feb 2009 7:04 am 

    great job. you broke it down, so even i got it. lol keep up the good work. thanks

  7. Dave Lind on Wed, 11th Mar 2009 9:52 pm 

    This was SO helpful. Your ability to get this stuff across and focus on just what I need as a beginner is spot on.

  8. Mandy on Wed, 6th May 2009 7:36 pm 

    Thanks ! This is real nice beginners song. You’re a great teacher. Learning a lot from your videos.

  9. Max on Mon, 15th Jun 2009 4:47 am 

    Very helpful, I just started playing guitar and I learned this with in a day, it’s very easy to learn from you, thanks!

  10. Apurav on Sat, 27th Jun 2009 3:02 pm 

    Hey, thanks a lot man!
    Like everyone above, I too have just started to play the guitar and all I know are the chords….

    Very helpful video too!!!!!

    Thanks again…….

  11. Frank H on Wed, 1st Jul 2009 8:16 pm 

    Really enjoyed the video; new at this guitar thing and it was quite helpful.

  12. Sharon on Sat, 4th Jul 2009 12:00 am 

    Thank you! You are an awesome teacher. I have just started learning the guitar again after 30 years–starting all over! Your video and instruction are so helpful! I am a teacher and know excellent teaching when see it. You are a 10 on a scale of 1-10!

  13. Logan Menser on Wed, 15th Jul 2009 2:59 pm 

    Hey man I have to give you ups. I new to the acoustic and doing a self teach thing, and this has really helped.

  14. paul owens on Sun, 19th Jul 2009 9:51 pm 

    what a cool dude,
    your a great teacher keep up the great work man

  15. Jerry on Wed, 12th Aug 2009 3:10 pm 

    Awesome for simplicity a great song to build confidence! Very helpful!!!

  16. Connie Mead on Wed, 12th Aug 2009 7:19 pm 

    My brother sent me a Big Baby Taylor for my 50th birthday. Well used and loved by him over the years. I have always wanted to learn to play. I was beginning to get overwhelmed until I stumbled across you. Keep up the good work and I will be looking for more of your lessons

  17. Adam on Thu, 13th Aug 2009 10:23 pm 

    Cool video, it was really helpful. I’m a bass player so I’m fairly new to the acoustic guitar, but this video has helped me gain some confidence. I’ll be watching more as they come :)

  18. Ingrid Johanna on Sat, 15th Aug 2009 4:47 am 


    You are great. I like how you teach to play “A Horse With No Name” America. Perfect for beginners like myself. Love your teaching pace technique. Excellent; YOU ROCK!


  19. peter on Mon, 17th Aug 2009 8:41 am 

    Enjoyed video clip.Made learning guitar easy.Im only new to.I was at the point were i only new a couple off songs.Got told about this web site by a friend.CHEERS

  20. Shea on Tue, 18th Aug 2009 3:24 pm 

    Very easy beginning lesson for a newbie. I feel like I accomplished something. The explanation of where to move your fingers for the chord change was excellent. And this is one of my favorite songs. Now I want to learn Stairway to heavan. You are a very good teacher.

  21. CHarlie on Wed, 2nd Sep 2009 8:43 pm 

    Thanks alot man, ive just started guitar again and within 2 days i can play this, keep up the good work with the vids

  22. Brenda on Fri, 18th Sep 2009 3:01 am 

    Just starting to play! Love your lesson! I just played the song and you made it so easy! Five Stars!!!! Keep up the good work!

  23. jools on Thu, 24th Sep 2009 10:11 am 

    thanks this video has helped me play my first song on guitar and it feels great. keep posting them coz i’ll be watching . thanks again .

  24. rebecca on Wed, 28th Oct 2009 2:31 pm 

    hey dude :D thanks for the lesson, i learned it in 30 mins :D
    you’re awesome, really! keep up the good work
    this is my first song i ever played and learned myself,i gained some confidence too c:
    thanks a lot!

  25. Jordan on Sun, 1st Nov 2009 10:42 am 

    I am trying to self teach myself the guitar and this video was great help!!

  26. Don on Sat, 12th Dec 2009 10:38 am 

    when I saw this song only had two chords, I was a little thrown until I watched it. I was really impressed by how simple you made it for beginners. I don’t see a star rating area but you get all top marks from me.

  27. Ed on Mon, 14th Dec 2009 2:08 am 

    Thanks, great lesson. I am musically inept trying to learn the guitar. This was fun.

  28. amy on Sat, 19th Dec 2009 11:38 pm 

    Great lesson! I have been trying, for years, to learn the guitar. This is the first time I’ve come even close to feeling hopeful. Thanks for a great video!

  29. bill whelan on Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 2:56 pm 

    thanks for the lesson easy to follow keep them coming. slainte from ireland

  30. rserpe on Sat, 23rd Jan 2010 8:35 pm 

    Hi Bill,

    You are most welcome. I am happy to hear you are enjoying them. Be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so that you don’t miss any new posts.

    Follow the link below to subscribe:


  31. dawn on Tue, 9th Feb 2010 4:43 am 

    loved your lesson, thanks so much, you are easy to understand and follow!

  32. rserpe on Tue, 9th Feb 2010 5:02 pm 

    Hi Dawn,

    You are most welcome, but the real thanks goes to the folks over at Next Level Guitar who created this video lesson…

    Thanks for taking time out to leave your comment! I appreciate your interest in our site…


  33. kenny on Tue, 16th Feb 2010 1:00 pm 

    Your a good teacher find it easy flowin your instructions cause personally iv a real prob with finding strumming patterns to songs i would like to learn people say give it time it’ll come to you but im thinking what if i never get it cause i would’nt av a musical ear but just love learning a song and when uv got it sussed hearin the tune come together knowin it was done by myself just like a sense of accomplishment plus its a good for parties with friend n family thanks

  34. Erin on Thu, 25th Feb 2010 11:13 pm 

    Finally! Something makes sense. Where do I give you props. I can’t find the “starring” mechanism. Do I have to go to the actual YouTube page. Thank you for a great lesson. It’s better than what I pay for. :)

  35. denny on Thu, 25th Feb 2010 11:20 pm 

    Thank you dude. You broke it down well enough for me to understand. I got it a little bit after a few tries. Keep on explaining the different chords and how to position your fingers for us beginners. 5 out of 5 stars.

  36. Bob McBride on Wed, 31st Mar 2010 1:09 pm 

    Easy to get. Keep up the good work!

  37. Tim Janeway on Sun, 4th Apr 2010 6:28 pm 

    Great video lesson – thanks a million will certainly look for more.

    How do I get more of your video lessons?



  38. susan on Tue, 6th Apr 2010 3:56 am 

    great for us beginners thank you so much 5 stars

  39. DanPad on Sat, 10th Apr 2010 9:51 pm 

    Great lesson dude! Awesome website too.

  40. miker on Wed, 21st Apr 2010 10:13 pm 

    been strugglin’ with chords and sore fingers this first month. great job of breakin’ it down and making it easy for me to play some noise and not just practice my noise.

  41. yasser on Wed, 16th Jun 2010 8:24 pm 

    this is cool but plz play nothing else mathers “matallica”

  42. hyeong on Thu, 17th Jun 2010 4:24 am 

    It’s really helpful!
    I’d like to say thank you from Korea.
    I’ve added your website in my favorite web list.

  43. shelly on Sat, 23rd Oct 2010 5:27 pm 

    great job, i now know how to play a song on my guitar… my friends were impressed… this makes me motivated to learn other songs… thanks a billion…

  44. joshua enzor on Thu, 23rd Dec 2010 3:59 am 

    omg thank you soo much i never thoght i could play a song but im soo happy if i could rate you i would you are the best teacher in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. EmilyV on Sun, 26th Dec 2010 12:07 am 

    Hey I really enjoyed that! Thanks alot ive been wanting to learn to play the guitar forever! I have one sitting in the house but no one plays it :( but thanks to you ive gotten started and you have helped alot. Thank you for making it simple and easy to understand :)

  46. Agastyan on Sun, 26th Dec 2010 5:50 pm 

    lessons are so helpful keep up the good work

  47. WayneNY on Tue, 25th Jan 2011 11:52 pm 

    Thanks for the great lesson. i am a beginner and it helped my ego to be able to play a song. Once thanks

  48. Angela on Mon, 31st Jan 2011 11:37 pm 

    This was great for my daughter who is taking guitar lessons but wanted some extra input for this week. You did a great job of explaining the chord structure and the rhythm.

  49. Peter on Sun, 13th Feb 2011 11:58 pm 

    Thanks David. I was looking for exactly this

  50. Cora on Tue, 22nd Mar 2011 8:25 pm 

    Thank you for such a great lesson!! I can play my first song! What is another easy song?

  51. scott on Tue, 12th Apr 2011 4:25 am 

    u rock!!ive been taking lessons for a couple weeks now(1 lesson a week.)and with the little bit of exercises ive been doing .i was getting bored.now u gave me this song that i can use to pratice with .thanks again.

  52. John on Thu, 21st Apr 2011 4:08 am 

    Thanks for the great lesson. This is the best lesson explained in a way that a beginner can understand and start to play some of my first songs. I hope I can find more of your lessons. Thanks.

  53. Laura B on Wed, 4th May 2011 3:50 pm 

    Thank you for a great quick lesson. It’s nice to be able to play something I can recognize so soon :-)

  54. Ralph on Fri, 16th Mar 2012 8:48 pm 

    Great teacher Marty is Has helped me out more than he knows-keep up the good work

  55. Christine Myers on Sun, 3rd Jun 2012 7:54 am 

    Loved horse with no name even I could follow its simple chords and instruction.

  56. Terry on Wed, 4th Sep 2013 10:41 pm 

    cool i liked it

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