Jack Johnson Angel Guitar Lesson – Easy Acoustic Guitar Song

Learn how to play the song “Angel” by Jack Johnson with this easy acoustic guitar song lesson.  For this particular version of the song that Marty Schwartz with GuitarJamz teaches below, you will need to use a capo on the third fret.

This is a beautiful song.  Definitely one that will impress the ladies!  This is also a fairly easy song thanks to the capo.  You should definitely be able to play these chords.  If not, just click the hyperlinks below to view a separate lesson on how to play each chord.  As stated below, the only chord I do not have a lesson prepared for is the C/B chord.  See the video below for a demonstration on how to play it.  It is quite simple.

The chords shapes needed are :  C Major, C/B (I don’t have a lesson prepared on how to play this chord as of yet, but Marty will explain exactly how to play it in the video below) , A Minor, F Major (here is an easy version of the F Major Chord), D Minor, G Major

Strumming Pattern: DDUUDU (Where D= down and U= Up)

Video Lesson

As Performed by Jack Johnson