G7sus4 Guitar Chord Tutorial

Learn How to Play the G7sus4 Guitar Chord

In this tutorial, you will be learning how to play the G7sus4 Guitar Chord (also known as G7 suspended 4th). You are welcome to skip right down to the chord charts below and give this chord a try or you can stick around to learn a little theory behind this chord.

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The Pentatonic Scale – The Most POWERFUL Scale in the World

Here is a really cool lesson by Erich Andreas of YourGuitarSage.com. This video guitar lesson discusses what Erich has coined as “The Most Powerful Scale in the World”. Its the Pentatonic Scale, which I am sure you  are familiar with and perhaps already know how to play. If you are not already familiar with the Pentatonic scale, it’s essentially a musical scale with 5 notes per octave. This is in contrast to a hepatonic or normal 7 note scale that you are accustomed to such as a major or minor scale.

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How Major Guitar Scales are Made


Guitar scales are extremely important exercises that should not be overlooked if you are serious about becoming a good guitar player. There are multiple benefits to learning, practicing and understanding guitar scales. Guitar scales help increase increase your speed and strength. They can improve your dexterity and precision. They can help you to familiarize yourself with the entire neck of your guitar. They are also incredible exercises toward becoming a lead guitar player.

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Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Open Chord Embellishments

In this free acoustic guitar video lesson from Next Level Guitar, Marty Schwartz shows us how we can take our basic open guitar chords and add some cool embellishments using the G Major Pentatonic Scale.

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Acoustic Guitar Scales for Beginners

Guitar scales are one of the most effective practice exercises that you can do as a beginner acoustic guitar player. I know guitar scales can seem a bit boring, especially when you are playing them every day, but please hang in there and learn how to play them. Guitar scales build strength, speed and dexterity. They will familiarize you with the guitar and will make you a better musician in the long run.

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