The Pentatonic Scale – The Most POWERFUL Scale in the World

Here is a really cool lesson by Erich Andreas of This video guitar lesson discusses what Erich has coined as “The Most Powerful Scale in the World”. Its the Pentatonic Scale, which I am sure you  are familiar with and perhaps already know how to play. If you are not already familiar with the Pentatonic scale, it’s essentially a musical scale with 5 notes per octave. This is in contrast to a hepatonic or normal 7 note scale that you are accustomed to such as a major or minor scale.

In the following video guitar lesson, Erich will teach you how to play the Pentatonic Scale in every key both major and minor.  This will help you create solos and melodies over any song that is in a major or minor key, which is a lot!

So why is this scale so powerful? What makes this scale so fun to play, apart from it being so easy to remember and play, is that fact that you can play it over so many different chord progressions.  Erich will demonstrate this in the video lesson and more below. So watch, enjoy and practice the Pentatonic Scale!