John Mayer Waiting On The World To Change Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the song “Waiting On The World To Change” by John Mayer with this easy guitar song lesson. This song is from Mayer’s 2006 album Continuum. It was released in August of 2006.   This song was a huge hit and won a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal at the 49th Grammy Awards.  Learn more interesting facts about this song from the article over at Wikipedia.

The version of this song in the video lesson below is quite easy to play and only uses basic beginner chords that you should already know how to play: D Major, B Minor, G Major and  A Major.

I really like the way Marty Schwartz breaks down this song and makes it easy for beginners.  I know you are going to enjoy this lesson and learn a great deal from it.

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Waiting On The World To Change As Performed By John Mayer

Here is the song as performed by John Mayer

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