Foo Fighters Times Like These Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the song “Times Like These by the Foo Fighters with this free easy acoustic guitar song lesson.  This song is the second single off the bands fourth album entitled One By One released in 2003. Learn a lot more about this song over at Wikipedia.

This lesson will teach you how to play the acoustic version of this song.  The chords you will need to know for this tune are:  D Major, A Minor 7, C Major and E Minor 7, which are all fairly easy beginner chords that you should already be familiar with hopefully.  If not, just click the links above to reach lessons on how to play each chord.

Apart from the chords listed above, you will also need to learn a specific strumming pattern that Marty demonstrates in the video lesson below and here it is:  DUDUD DUUD DUDU (D= Down Strum, U= Upward Strum).

Foo Fighters Times Like These Acoustic Guitar Lesson

As Performed by the Foo Fighters

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