Free Acoustic Guitar Chords Chart for the Beginner

Below is a downloadable PDF ebook that contains 50 easy guitar chord charts for beginners.  These charts are easy to read and will help you learn how to play them quickly.  With these chords in your arsenal, you will be able to play hundreds of easy guitar songs.  Learning guitar songs is one of the best ways to  learn all of these basic guitar chords.

===> Follow this link to download the Free Ebook

I also included a list of lessons below on how to play many of the chords included in the free downloadable ebook.

Play each chord slowly making certain that you have a clean sound when you play each note individually. If you don’t get a clean sound you are not pressing down on the strings hard enough, or one of your fingers is touching another string.

This is common so do not get discouraged!

Do not try and master all of these all at once. Take on a few at a time and then move on.

Here are the video lessons:

A Major Chord


A Major  A Minor
A7 Am7
Asus2 Amaj7


B Minor B7 


C Major C7 
Cmaj7 Cadd9
Csus2 Csus4


D Major D Minor
Dmaj7 D6
D7 Dsus2
Dm7 D7sus4


E Major E Minor
E7  Emaj7
E6 Em6
Em7 Esus4


F Major Fmaj7


G Major G7



  1. randy says

    thanks a lot for putting this web site together! i have learned my basic chords except F and B. Now i have minors and 7ths to work on. i have been looking for this website for a while now! i just wanted to send my thanks! and keep playing! no matter what…

  2. joshua says

    this site s very good for the beginners who s jus know abt guitar
    a valuable tips are given by the experts which is really good for the beginners at the initial stage …

  3. Joohdan says

    I love how simple you make it! I got an acoustic for christmas I can play a mini-version of Double-Oh-Seven pretty sure thats what its called i’ll post me playing it sometime :) thanks for the webiste!

  4. john falagai says

    wow this site is the most interesting site for gutiar chords..It has all basic and moves to more advance ( but the best part is its FREE of charge?)

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