Fun Easy Guitar Tabs For Beginners

One of the first things most beginners do when they want to start learning how to play songs on acoustic guitar is to go online and search for fun easy guitar tabs.  Now, there is a good chance you have already discovered a ton of sites offering free guitar tabs, but nothing compares to what you are about to discover below.

You have seen the way most guitar tabs are structured.   They look something like this: (This is not a real song.  Just a made up tab to illustrate my point)


Pretty dull, boring and a tad bit confusing if you are an absolute beginner right?

Now what if you had a tool like this:

The name of this tool is called ActionTab and it is one of the best guitar tools online.

I have listed some of their lessons below so that you can get an idea how it works.  There are even a handful of free lessons so that you can take a test drive and decide if this is something you may want to invest in.  I believe it will be.   This tool is extremely affordable at less than 10 bucks a month!  They also run sales from time to time, so head on over now and start learning your favorite songs!

Below is a listing of only a handful of songs from ActionTab. If you don’t find a song below that interests you, follow this link to reach the the main site and search for the tabs you are looking for there.

Free Lessons

Below are links to free guitar tab lessons so that you can fully test drive this Action Tab.

Guitar Shred

Happy Birthday Picked

12 Bar Blues Backing Track

Slide Run

Speed Technique

Twinkle Twinkle Little Start Picking Exercise

12 Bar Blues Solo

E Blues Scale

12 Bar Blues Solo 2

Practice Exercises

Below are links to some popular guitar tab practice exercises .  If you would like to see the entire collection of practice exercises, follow this link.

12 Bar Blues Solo 

Finger Picking

1 Finger Chromatic Scale

Harmonic Minor Scale


More Practice Lessons

Acoustic, Folk and Traditional

Below are links to some popular acoustic, folk and traditional lessons.  If you would like to see the entire collection of acoustic, folk and traditional, follow this link.

Airplane (Plain White T’s)

Goodbye Blue Sky (Pink Floyd)

Hotel California  (Easy Version)

Waltzing Matilda

More Acoustic, Folk and Traditional Lessons

Rock and Metal

Below are links to some popular country guitar lessons.  If you would like to see the entire collection of country, follow this link.

Blues Rock Solo

Cat’s in the Cradle

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Free Bird (Rhythm)

More Rock and Metal Lessons

Learn How To Play Guitar


  1. says

    Nice stuff! I like your videos – I haven’t gotten around to that myself yet. My website is full of free articles, blogs, and materials for music teachers and students. You might find something of use there. Check out my digg articles, too.

  2. mlitty says

    I just played my first song on the guitar! Thank you Jewel, and thank you guy who demonstrated “Who Will Save Your Soul”.

  3. Chris says

    Can someone please make a lesson on how to play on the acoustic guitar, Blues Man by Alan Jackson. I think your website is great. I have learned so much!!!!! Keep it up people your making allot of people enjoy the guitar. Your fan…….POSTLE

  4. Steve says

    Thanks for putting these all together in one place. I love playing along with videos and following the tab. “Mr. Jones” was the song I played over and over when learning “F” cord.

  5. Pete says

    That Summer Of 69 tutorial was awesome! I even learned how to do powerchords properly. 🙂 More tutorials like that please!

  6. junex says

    Oh it’s really amazing, I love this site really informative and helpful to people who love music while using their guitar. I used our electric guitar and play the Hillsongs – Lead Me To The Cross. So nice to hear love it dude. Thanks for posting this here in your site.

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