Open The Eyes Of My Heart by Michael W. Smith Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “Open The Eyes Of My Heart” by Michael W. Smith in this free guitar lesson. “Open The Eyes of My Heart” was released in December of 2001 and is undoubtedly one of the most popular modern Christian Worship Songs to date.  It can be found on the album Worship.

I listed this song as an easy one as it uses only  open chords, but the open chords that are used may not be chords you are familiar with.  So that being said, this song my be a bit challenging at first.  The video lesson below does an excellent job of explaining everything, so hang in there and practice!

Video Guitar Lesson

A big thanks to Mike for making this video lesson available.  Be sure to visit his YouTube page for more Christian Guitar Lessons.

As performed by Michael W. Smith

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