Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved Guitar Lesson

Easy Acoustic Guitar Song Lesson – “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5

Learn how to play the song “She Will Be Loved” by Maroon 5 with this free easy acoustic guitar lesson.  “She Will Be Loved” is the third track from the album “Songs About Jane”.  This song was released in 2004 and peaked at #5 in the USA.  It was their second top 10 single. You can learn more about this song over at Wikipedia.

This version of the song taught by Marty Schwartz in the video lesson below uses a guitar capo on the 3rd fret.  The chord shapes you will need for this song are all basic beginner chords and they are A Minor, G Major, C Major, F Major (if you can’t play the full F Major Barre Chord, click here for an easy version of the F Major Chord).  Those are all the basic chords you will need to know.

Other than that, you will just need to get the strumming pattern down which Marty does an excellent job of explaining.  Enjoy the lesson on She Will Be Loved!

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She Will Be Loved as Performed By Maroon 5

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She Will Be Loved Guitar Chords & Lyrics

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One Comment on "Maroon 5 She Will Be Loved Guitar Lesson"

  1. Floricel on Mon, 25th Jul 2011 12:00 am 

    Hi! Thanks for posting this. I’ve been a fan of Maroon 5! And been more than eager to learn some of their songs. I first fell in love with their song “This Love”. Have you posted a lesson for learning to play it?

    Anyway, thanks so much! Really cool blog! :) cheers!

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