Mighty To Save by Hillsong Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the Christian Worship Song, Mighty to Save by Hillsong with this free guitar lesson. This song is off the album of the same name, Mighty To Save release in 2006.

There are several different recommendations on how to play this song floating around online.  I like the version below as it appears to be one of the easier versions to play and it sounds like the original.

You will need a guitar capo to play this particular. If you do not already have a capo, you definitely need to get one.  A capo is a guitarists best friend. You can learn more about the guitar capo by following this link.

This song uses some pretty basic chord shapes that you hopefully are already familiar with and they are: G Major, D Major, E Minor 7 and C2.

Video Lesson

A big thanks to Dean for making this video lesson available.  You can learn more about Dean and view more of his Christian Worship Guitar Videos over at his  YouTube page.

As performed by Hillsong:

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  1. B says

    Thanks for the video!

    Question: Why do the chords & lyrics on the link provided contradict the lesson? As beginner, it gets very confusing when there are so many versions of the same song. Which is right? I need a reference to go along with the video if possible.

  2. B Young says

    Dean, I am a beginner. I just watched several versions and lessons on youtube… yours was by far the best! The way you broke down the chords and the struming was perfect. The fact that the chord chart was on the screen as you played was so helpful. (there are a lot of different versions and its hard to tell what people are doing) I could follow it and again I am a total beginner. I even was able to do the more advanced struming pattern because of the way it was shown on the screen. Awesome. thanks and God bless.

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