Easy Romantic Guitar Song – And I love Her by The Beatles

Learn this easy romantic love song on guitar to impress your girl or significant other. This song is called “And I Love  Her” by The Beatles. It is the fifth track from the album “A Hard Day’s Night (Remastered)released in July of 1964. You can learn more about this song over at Wikipedia.


Now back to your romantic guitar lesson. The original version of this song is played using advanced barre chords, but luckily, I found another version that is much easier to play and does not use barre chords. You can watch the video lesson below.  The chords you will need to know to play this version of the song are: D Minor, A Minor, C Major, G Major

And I Love Her Video Guitar Lesson

There are two video lessons below.  The first video demonstrates how to play the chords as well as the strumming pattern for this song. A big thanks to RhythmStrummer.Com for making this video available.  Click that link to reach their YouTube profile for more great videos!

The second video is a lesson on how to play the guitar solo.  The solo in this song is quite easy to play and I am confident it is well within reach, even if you just started playing the guitar.   A big thanks to Bobby Crispy.  You can learn more about him by clicking that link which will take you to his YouTube profile.  There you will find even more great guitar lessons!

And I Love Her as Performed by The Beatles

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