7 Fun & Easy Guitar Chord Progressions For Beginners

The following post is going to show you a series chord progressions that you can add to your practice routine.  A chord progression is  a series of chords played one after another in a particular order. This is a great way to put all of those beginner chords you worked so hard at learning into practice, but in a way that feels more like playing guitar and not so much like a boring practice routine.

If you aren’t sure how to play any of the following chords, I have included links to where you can learn each chord in a separate lesson.

C Major, D Major, D Minor, E Major, E Minor, G Major, A Major, A Minor

Here are the Chord Progressions:

G – C – D – G

G – Am – D – G

D – G – A – D

D – C – G – D

D – E Minor – A – D

C – Dm – G – C

E – D – A – E

For the chord progressions, strum each chord 4 times with a down up down up strumming pattern. Or you can take a look at a post I put together on strumming patterns to make these chord progressions a bit more challenging.  Go very slow in the beginning so that you will be able to change chords smoothly and accurately.

You can test and see if you are playing each chord accurately by playing one string at a time on the chord. If you hear any buzzing , or if any of the notes sound muted, you are either not pressing down hard enough, or one of your fingers or your hand is touching another string.

I know this all seems very difficult in the beginning, and it may seem that way for some time.  The most important thing to remember is to never give up.

Eventually your hands will become stronger, your chords will sound cleaner and your chord changes will become faster.

Enjoy and Happy Guitar Playing!