Guide to Buying and Using a Thumb Pick

Below is an excellent video introduction guide that will teach you how to use a thumb pick for guitar.

A thumb pick is a kind of finger pick that attaches to your thumb obviously and is most commonly used with bluegrass style guitar playing.  Most of the thumb picks you will find today are made of either plastic or metal.  Thumb picks are unlike flat picks which are held between your finger and thumb.

In the following video lesson, Jim Deeming with, will discuss some of the various brands and styles of thumb picks available to todays guitarists and more…


One of the most helpful bits of information that I discovered while watching this video is regarding the downside to using a certain kind of plastic thumb pick.   Jim talks about a certain kind of plastic pick that tends to weaken either over time or when your hands warm up. This causes the pick to loosen its grip and slip off your thumb, which can be rather frustrating.  He then talks about a pick by Fred Kelly, called a “Slick Pick”, made out of a substance called “Delrin”, that appears to solve this problem.   I found a website online that sells Fred Kelly products and you can reach them by clicking here.

Jim also talks about the various shapes that thumb picks are available in and much more.  Check out the free video tutorial below for more great tips!

Official Guide to Buying and Using a Thumbpick

A big thanks to the folks over at Jamplay for sharing this awesome video guitar lesson on using a thumb pick.

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