Acoustic Blues Guitar Lessons

So you want to learn how to play the blues on your acoustic guitar? On this page you will find a collection of excellent acoustic blues guitar lessons that I gathered from YouTube from the folks over at Next Level Guitar. I can’t promise you will become the next B.B King or Stevie Ray Vaughn after watching these lessons, but you will certainly gain a lot of great insight into playing the blues. Enjoy and happy blues guitar playing!

Beginner Acoustic Blues Rhythm Guitar Lesson

In this beginner lesson we a fun and easy beginner blues rhythm. Play it on acoustic or electric – rock on!

Acoustic Blues Guitar Lesson – Spice Up that Bluesy Playing

In this lesson we teach an acoustic blues lesson on how to spice up some blues progressions and move around the guitar neck. Works with electric guitars also

Acoustic Rhythm Guitar Lesson – How to Play the Blues ZZ Top

Beginner Acoustic Guitar –  Learn 7th Chords

In this guitar lesson we expand your chord catalog by teaching some open position 7th chords on the acoustic guitar and also some practice progressions using these new chords.

Learn Acoustic Blues Lead Guitar Licks and Solo Playing

In this lesson we teach how to embellish and play lead licks over an acoustic blues. LOts of fun and the licks can be played on acoustic or electric guitars.

Acoustic Blues Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson

In this video we teach some acoustic blues fingerpicking in the styles of Eric Clapton and Robert Johnson and many more.