Easy and Faster Chord Changes for Acoustic Guitar

One of the more challenging hurdles that beginner guitarists face is chord changes.  Learning the actual chords is difficult enough, but changing between those chords you just learned can be even harder.  Not to worry…  The following video lesson from the folks over at Guitar Tricks has some great tips on changing between chords easier and faster.  The trick, as Neal Walter demonstrates below, is to take advantage of the notes each chord has in common. Find out more in the video below….

Guitar Tricks 55: Faster Chord Changes

Thanks to the folks over at Guitar Tricks for this free video lesson.  Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular sites for online video guitar lessons. What sets them apart from the rest is their curriculum of 1500 videos, that starts from the very beginning from “How Do I Hold a Pick?” to advanced courses that cover blues, rock and country. Read more about GuitarTricks.Com Here.