Beginner Guitar Chord Exercises Using C Major and G7

Below is a video lesson from the popular home study course from Legacy Learning Systems called “Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar”. In the following video lesson, Steve Krenz demonstrates how to play two basic beginner guitar chords : the C Major and G7 chords.

Steve first demonstrates how to play each chord and then talks about a common problem that all beginners run into when first learning chords and how you can overcome this problem.

After learning how to play each of these chords, Steve will demonstrate three exercises that will give you a bit of practice  playing and switching between these chords.

Also included in this video clip is a Guitar Tips section.  In this section Steve will talk about some of the recommended guitar tools and accessories that you will need at the very beginning of your guitar playing journey.  These include items like a metronome, guitar tuner, guitar case and more.  He also talks about the importance of having your guitar professionally adjusted for the best possible playing experience.

He then goes on to explain the importance of caring for your guitar. Things like drastic temperature changes can damage your guitar.

Learn more by watching the video clip below!

If you enjoyed the above video clip from Steve Krenz, then you will certainly love the rest of this course. This really is one of the best courses on learning how to play guitar. How do I know this? Because I personally own a copy and you can read my personal review of Learn and Master Guitar here.