Beginner Blues Slide Guitar Lesson

Slide Guitar (Also Know As Bottleneck Guitar) is a unique sounding style of guitar that is often associated with The Blues, but is also used in other Genres of music like Hawaiian, Jazz and Rock to name a few.  No one knows for sure who invented it, but when you mention slide guitar, you will almost always think of The Blues.

Slide guitar is named as such because of the sliding motion across the strings which produces its distinctive sound.  You can only produce this distinctive sound by using what is known as a “Slide”,  which is just tubular piece of metal, glass or other material that you wear on  your sliding finger. Originally, in Blues Slide Guitar, a guitarist used a bottleneck as the slide, hence the name “Bottleneck” guitar.

Beginner Blues Slide Guitar Video Lesson

A big thanks to the folks over at GuitarJamz for sharing this video lesson.  If you are serious about learning to play the guitar, you should definitely check out the GuitarJamz website and sign up to receive the free beginner ebook or make a small investment for the Members Only Club and get access to over 640 online video lessons. I can’t recommend this Website enough!

In the following video, Tony Brucco from demonstrates some really cool Slide Guitar Licks in Open D Tuning.  Not familiar with Open D Tuning?  Check out this great lesson on Drop D Tuning Here.