Next Level Guitar Chord Progressions

This is another fantastic video guitar lesson from David Taub with Next Level Guitar. If you are a beginner, stuck in a rut and tired of playing the same old boring chord progressions, then this lesson will be especially helpful and enjoyable.

David is going to demonstrate how to play something that sounds beautiful without being impossible to play.

One trick that makes this chord progression easier is that David is using moveable chords.  This means you can play the same chord shape at different locations on the guitar fret board.  You just slide your hand up and down the fretboard while maintaining the same chord shape.

Apart from being fairly easy to play, these chords also sound quite beautiful as they utilize the open strings of your guitar.  Learn exactly how its done by watching the lengthy video tutorial below.

A big thanks to David Taub and the folks over at Next Level Guitar for sharing this lesson.  If you haven’t had the chance to check out Next Level Guitar, then I Highly recommend you visit their website to check out all they have to offer.  They have over 785 online guitar lessons and for a small fee, you can become a member today! Check out my review of  Next Level Guitar Here .