Jeff Buckley Hallelujah Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play the song “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley with this free guitar lesson.   This song was actually written by Leonard Cohen, but was made famous by Jeff Buckley.   Jeff’s version was recorded for his 1994 debut album “Grace” and has been called one of the most beautiful songs ever recorded.  Unfortunately, Jeff did not survive to see how popular his interpretation of this song has become.  He passed away in 1997 and the world lost an amazing talent. You can learn more about Jeff Buckley here and more about the song Hallelujah Here.

The lesson below is not exactly like Jeff’s version.  It has been modified somewhat to make it easier for beginners.  You will need to use a guitar capo on the 5th fret and you will need to know the following chord shapes:  G Major, E Minor, C Major, D Major and B7.

This lesson also includes some finger picking, so if you never attempted fingerpicking before, get ready to learn something new.  For those of you who are not into the fingerpicking, you can just strum the chords. Both methods sound great as Marty discusses below.

Hallelujah By Jeff Buckley Guitar Video Lesson

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As Performed By Jeff Buckley

Below is a video of the version performed by Jeff Buckley.

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