Easy Romantic Guitar Song – Learn How to Play More Than Words by Extreme

Here is another easy romantic love song you can learn on guitar to impress your loved one.  This song is called “More Than Words” by Extreme off the album Extreme II – Pornograffitti released in 1990.  For those of you who may not be familiar with this song or the band Extreme, they are a Rock Band that was fairly popular back in the early 90’s. “More Than Words” was one of the only ballads from Extreme and was a big hit back in 1991.


If you are interested in learning more about the band Extreme and this song, Wikipedia does an excellent job of providing the history behind them. Click here to reach their article on Extreme and here to reach their article on this song.

Now back to the guitar lesson.  This song is really fun to play as it uses a finger picking technique with a cool percussive element to it.  The video below created by the David Taub of Next Level Guitar does an excellent job of demonstrating this cool technique.

Side Note ==> If you haven’t had the chance to check out Next Level Guitar, then I Highly recommend you visit their website after you are done learning this song.  They have a huge library of awesome instructional videos just like the one below, so check out my review of  Next Level Guitar Here when you have time.

Fingerpicking Lesson for More Than Words

More Than Words Video Tutorial Part 1

A really big thanks to Simon who made these videos available!  Simon enjoys creating and sharing guitar lessons with beginners.  You can learn more about him and see more of his awesome videos by following the links below:

Simon’s YouTube Channel

Simon’s Website


More Than Words Video Tutorial Part 2


More Than Words Video Tutorial Part 3


More Than Words as Performed by Extreme

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