Stand By Me Guitar Lesson for Acoustic Guitar

Easy Love Song For Guitar – “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King

Learn how to play “Stand By Me” By Ben E King with this free easy guitar lesson tutorial.  Stand By Me was released as a single in 1961 and two years later, was released on his album “Don’t Play That Song”. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the greatest songs of all time and made it onto Rolling Stones “500 Greatest Songs of All Time” list.  You can learn more about this song over at Wikipedia if interested.

This song is taught by Marty Schwartz in the video tutorial just below.   All of the chords needed to play this particular version of the song are basic beginner chords except for one, F#m, which happens to be a Barre Chord.  Don’t let that scare you way from learning this!  If you never push yourself and try something challenging, you are never going to get any better!  So, that being said, Marty does an excellent job of teaching you this chord below.  So even if you are an absolute beginner, who has never played a Barre Chord, I highly recommend you try to play along with Marty and learn this song.

So, here are all the chords :  A MajorD Major, E major, F#m

Stand By Me Video Guitar Lesson

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As Performed By Ben E. King

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Download the Easy Acoustic Songs Course from GuitarJamz!

Stand By Me Guitar Chords & Lyrics

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