Guitar Chords In The Key Of D Major

So you would like to know what guitar chords are in the key of D Major?  This is an excellent area of study for guitarists especially those of you who would like to someday play with other musicians.

Basic Chords in the Key of D

Below are basic chords that you find in the Key of D Major.  These are not the only chords within this key.  There are more that we will cover below, but for now, lets cover the easier more basic chords in this key. Just click the hyperlinked chords below and you will be taken to separate lessons that demonstrate how to play each chord.

D Major, E Minor, G Major, A Major, A7, B Minor

These are your basic guitar chords in the key of D Major. Now lets move on to some extended chords…

Extended Chords in the Key of D Major

So now that you have been introduced to some of the basic chords in this key, lets move forward and cover some extended chords.

7Th Chords

Dmaj7, Em7, Gmaj7, Bm7

9th Chords

Dmaj9, Em9, Gmaj9

Well there you have it folks, 13 chords in the key of D Major. I will be adding more chords to this post over time, so be sure to check back again in the near future.

If you have been playing guitar for a little while now, you should be able to play most of the above chords. It gets a bit more challenging when you get to the 9th chords.