Guitar Tricks – Over 3000 Online Video Guitar Lessons!

Guitar Tricks – Online Video Guitar Lessons

Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular sites for online video guitar lessons. What sets them apart from the rest is their curriculum of 1500 videos, that starts from the very beginning from “How Do I Hold a Pick?” to advanced courses that cover blues, rock and country.

In addition to that, they have thousands of lessons covering a wide variety of topics. Everything from “b-bender guitar” to “touch tapping.”

These courses are unique in the market, shot as a full curriculum under guidance of MIT and Berkelee educated instructors, but without the price tag associated with a Music School Education.

Guitar Tricks has professional relationships with Line 6, Gibson, D’addario, Sweetwater, EMI Records and Sony. They are a NAMM member and a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

In total, their site has over 3000 video guitar lessons from 45 instructors from all over the world. They cover every style of music from beginner to advanced.

I highly recommend you give Guitar Tricks a try. You can start out with their free membership that includes 24 Free Video Lessons from 12 Instructors.

I know that once you try out the free videos, you are going to become a member. The lessons are that good!

Affordable? Most Definitely! Right now you can become a member for only $14.95 per month! That is FULL access my friends to all 3000 lessons from 45 Instructors! What a sweet deal!

Head on over to Guitar Tricks now and sign up!