Lyrics and Guitar Chords of Besame Mucho

Learn the history behind and how to play the song “Besame Mucho” with this free guitar lesson. Be sure to continue on toward the bottom of this post for the lyrics and guitar chords of besame mucho as well as other resources for this song. This song is one of the most celebrated songs of all times spanning many generations. It also happens to be a very sought after resource online, so I thought it only fitting that I dedicate an entire post to this beautiful song.

Brief History of Besame Mucho

“Besame Mucho” was written by Consuelo Velázquez in the year 1940. According to many historians, Velazquez was only 15 or 16 when she wrote this song, which says a lot considering this is a love song and Velazquez had never even been kissed before she wrote this song. When asked years later what inspired Consuelo to write Besame Mucho she said it came from her imagination.

Consuelo Velazquez was an amazing musician teaching herself piano beginning at age 4 and then only two years later, gave her first piano concerto at age 6. That is an amazing accomplishment. You can see a video of Consuelo performing Besame Mucho on piano below.

Emilio Tuero was the first to originally record this song, but the lyrics and guitar chords of Besame Mucho have become very popular over the years and have been covered by many artists. Everyone from Andrea Bocelli to The Beatles have performed and sang this song. I have included videos below of a few artists who have recorded and sang this song.

This song has also been part of the soundtracks to a number of films including Great Expectations (1998) , Mona Lisa Smile (2003), In Good Company (2004), The Quiet American (2002) and more…

Various Performences of Besame Mucho

Below are various recordings of Besame Mucho from YouTube. I have only included 5 recordings of this song as any more would cause this page to load very slowly. If you want to see more performances, you can go to YouTube, search engine, or another video sharing site and perform searches there.

Emilio Tuero Sings Besame mucho

Consuelo Velazquez Performs Besame Mucho on Piano

Andrea Bocelli Sings Besame Mucho

The Beatles Sing Besame Mucho

Diana Krall Sings Besame Mucho

Lyrics To Besame Mucho

Below are links to lyrics to several versions of this song, namely the same artists that I have videos of from above.

Consuelo Velazquez

Andrea Bocelli

Diana Krall

The Beatles

In English

Tabs and Guitar Chords Of Besame Mucho

Below are links to various versions of guitar chords and tabs for Besame Mucho.

Besame Mucho Consuelo Velazquez Guitar Tab

The Beatles Besame Mucho Guitar Chords

The Beatles Besame Mucho Guitar Chords Version 2

Besame Mucho Chords & Lyrics From

Besame Mucho Sheet Music

Diana Krall

Consuelo Velazquez