The F7 Guitar Chord The Easy Way

If you are having difficulty playing the F7 guitar chord (a.k.a, F Dominant 7,f dominant 7th ,f 7th) then you are in luck.  Today you will learn how to play several different, easy  F7 guitar chord shapes.

Typically, the F7 guitar chord is played as a barre chord on the first fret. It can be very difficult to play any barre chord on the first fret of the guitar.  This can be really frustrating if you want to start learning songs or chord progressions that call for the F7 guitar chord.

Below are three easier ways, to play the F Dominant 7th chord. Now, these won’t have the same full sound that the F7 Barre Chord has, but they are good substitutions and will work just fine.

I hope this helps!

Here is a key that will help you read the  chord charts below:

Guitar Chord Chart Key

Easy F7 Video Demonstration