The Scientist By ColdPlay Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play “The Scientist” by ColdPlay with this free  guitar lesson. “The Scientist”  is from ColdPlays’s second album, “A Rush of Blood to the Head”.  It was written as a combined effort from all the band members. You can learn more about this song by reading the article over at Wikipedia.

This song is actually a piano ballad, but sounds really beautiful on guitar as well. In the video below, David from Next Level Guitar demonstrates an easier method for playing this song with a capo on the third fret.  When played without a capo, this song would more than likely be too challenging for a beginner. (Don’t have a capo?  Not sure what a capo is? Learn all about it by reading a lesson I put together on how to use a capo here.)

The Scientist is a fairly simple song to play once you get the hang of the chord changes.  The chord shapes you will need to know for this song are: B Minor 7, G Major, D Major, Dsus2, A and A7.  A couple of those chords may be completely new to you and sound difficult, but don’t worry, they sound much more difficult than they really are.

Video Lesson

A big thanks to David Taub of Next Level Guitar for making the video lesson below available.  You can learn more about Next Level Guitar in my review here. I highly recommend you visit Next Level Guitar today after you are done viewing this lesson for a ton of awesome video lessons like the one below.  It will definitely skyrocket your guitar playing to new levels.

As Performed By ColdPlay

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