Another Cool Chord Progression from David Taub

The goal from this lesson and from all of David's teaching over at Next Level Guitar is to teach this stuff in a way that is enjoyable and musical which makes learning fun.  These lessons also get your creative juices flowing so that you may be able to one day write your own songs. httpv:// We are gonna use  base chords and  embellishments.  You can just … [Read more...]

Next Level Guitar Free Video Lesson – Learn a New Chord Progression

Part 1 httpv:// Part 2 httpv:// In the following video tutorials from David Taub with Next Level Guitar, you will be learning another awesome chord progression.  This tutorial will show you some new chords that you may not know how to play just yet and how to tie them together and embellish them.  It's more than just … [Read more...]

Chord Progression Lesson for Acoustic Guitar from Next Level Guitar

I am featuring another great  lesson from David Taub with Next Level Guitar.  This is a lesson aimed at beginners and will teach you how to play a great sounding chord progression that is also easy to play.  David designed this chord progression for  beginners that do not have a great deal of experience but want to start playing something … [Read more...]

Classic Rock/Blues Style Chord Progression For Guitar

Here is another excellent lesson from Marty Schwartz with httpv:// This lesson will cover one of those very popular rock guitar chord progressions that you probably heard already in one of your favorite songs and didn't even know it. It has kind of a bluesy feel to it as well.  Marty is teaching this particular chord progression on his … [Read more...]

Chord Progression Lesson from Next Level Guitar for Acoustic Guitar

Here is yet another excellent beginner acoustic guitar lesson taught by David Taub with Next Level Guitar. httpv:// If you haven't had the chance to check out Next Level Guitar, then I Highly recommend you visit their website to check out all they have to offer.  They have over 785 online guitar lessons and for a small fee, you can become a member today! … [Read more...]

New Acoustic Guitar Chord Progression for the Beginner

excellent lesson from David Taub with Next level guitar.  This is a great lesson for the absolute beginner out there who is looking for a simple way to take your guitar playing to another level. httpv:// In this lesson, David will first teach you how to play 4 very basic guitar chords. These are all very easy chords that David will be teaching you that … [Read more...]

Next Level Guitar Chord Progressions

This is another fantastic video guitar lesson from David Taub with Next Level Guitar. If you are a beginner, stuck in a rut and tired of playing the same old boring chord progressions, then this lesson will be especially helpful and enjoyable. David is going to demonstrate how to play something that sounds beautiful without being impossible to play. One trick that makes this chord … [Read more...]

Acoustic Guitar Chord Progression For Beginners

Here is a great acoustic guitar lesson from David Taub with Next Level Guitar. In the following video tutorial, David will teach you a cool kind of classic rock chord progression that has a sort of Eagles vibe to it. Like complimentary colors in visual art, there are certain things that go very nicely together in music and one is the use of Major and Major 7th chords, specifically, when played … [Read more...]

Learn a New Strumming Pattern & Chord Progression for Acoustic Guitar

Here is another great lesson taught by David Taub with Next Level Guitar.  I feature a lot of videos from these folks and with good reason.  I believe David and the folks over at Next Level Guitar are a group of excellent guitar instructors.  Their lessons are easy to follow and you can tell its not just about business.  They have a passion for playing guitar and a sincere interest in helping … [Read more...]

Guitar Chord Switching Tips & Techniques for Beginners

In this post you will discover some great tips, techniques and exercises that will help you switch between your basic beginner open guitar chords easier and faster.  In order to become better at this, you need to learn some tricks of the trade as well as put in the proper amount of practice time.  Eventually, learning how to switch between chords will become second nature. The very first thing … [Read more...]