Acoustic Guitar Lesson – Must Know Rhythm Guitar Pattern

In the following lesson, Neal shows us a cool rhythm guitar pattern that is found in a variety of different music genres including rock, pop, country, folk and more.  This is an essential pattern that all guitarists should know.

The pattern is fairly simple. It involves plucking one string of a chord followed by strumming the rest of the notes in that chord.  The challenge is to accurately hit that single note whilst changing between chords, so its important that you play very slowly until you are playing the pattern correctly and then gradually speed up.

In this particular lesson, Neal plays this pattern using the following chords:  G Major, D Major and C Major.

Guitar Tricks 46 : Must-Know Rhythm Pattern

Thanks to the folks over at Guitar Tricks for this free video lesson.  Guitar Tricks is one of the most popular sites for online video guitar lessons. What sets them apart from the rest is their curriculum of 1500 videos, that starts from the very beginning from “How Do I Hold a Pick?” to advanced courses that cover blues, rock and country. Read more about GuitarTricks.Com Here.