How to Spice Up Those Beginner Chords

Here is a great beginner acoustic guitar lesson that will teach you how to spice up and add some more color to those beginner guitar chords that you have been working so hard to learn.

The great thing about this lesson is that your fingers will not have to move much or travel very far.  Just some very simple variations in the way your fingers work can make a huge difference in the sound of a chord or chord progression.

For instance, lets take a look at an open C Major guitar chord:

Strum the chord as you normally would and lift off your second finger as you strum and then put it back again.  Do the same with your first finger.  Do you notice the difference?

Lets try this concept using  the G Major Chord:

Finger your G Major Chord as show above, but this time, instead of removing any of your fingers, place your first finger on the first fret of the B string and pull it off again.

Let’s look at this concept using the D Major Chord now:

Go ahead and play the D major chord as indicated in the chord chart above, but now add your pinky finger on the 3rd fret of the high E string and pull it back off again.

These are just a few things you can do with three chords.  There are more variations with the above chords as well as with other chords, that you can experiment with.  Watch Marty in the video below demonstrate this concept in further detail.  Enjoy!

Beginner Acoustic Guitar Lesson From Marty Schwartz

A big thanks to Marty Schwartz for sharing this awesome video lesson. Marty is an amazing guitar player and one of the best guitar instructors online. If you are serious about your guitar learning, you should definitely visit his Website here. I can’t recommend Marty’s Website enough.