Beginner Guitar Lesson – Minor 7th Chord Progressions

In the following video lesson, David Taub from Next Level Guitar demonstrates how to play 3 beautiful Minor 7 th chords:  A Minor 7, E Minor 7 and  D Minor 7.


He will then demonstrate how you can put these chords into practice by teaching you  5 cool chord progressions.

Tip: Slow Down!  Make sure you are playing these chord progressions very slowly in the beginning.  This is very important.  The faster you go, the more difficult it will be to change between chords.

You can use any strumming pattern you want with these chord progressions. It really depends on your current skill level.

David uses two in this lesson.  A beginner strumming pattern and one that is a little more complex:

  • Advanced: DOWN/DOWN/ UP/UP/DOWN/UP

The first chord progression is: EmAmDmG MajorC Major.

Now we add in the 7th chords…

The second  chord progression: Em7Am7Dm7G MajorC Major.

The third chord progression: Em7Am7Dm7G7C Major 7.

The fourth  chord progression: G MajorEm7Am7D7

The fifth chord progression: G Major 7Em7Am7D7

If any of this seems too difficult right now, don’t get frustrated.  Just practice these progressions over and over again, nice and slow, until you are able to do it.

A big thanks to David Taub from Next Level Guitar for providing this free acoustic guitar video lesson.

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