Easy Romantic Guitar Lesson – Learn How To Play Love Story by Taylor Swift

Here is another easy romantic love song you can learn on guitar to impress your loved one. This song is called “Love Story” by Taylor Swift. Love Story is from Taylor’s second album “Fearlessand was released in September of 2008. You can learn more about this song by visiting the article over at Wikipedia.

This song is pretty easy to play on guitar.  There is only one chord that may be difficult for you if you are just starting out, and that is the F Chord.  If you are having difficulty with the F chord, check out the post I published not too long ago that demonstrates an easy way to play the f chord.  The other chords you will need to know for this song are: C Major, G Major, A MinorD Major, A Major and B Minor

This song is played with a capo placed on the second fret. If you are not sure what a capo is or how to use one, check out this guitar lesson on how to use a capo.

Love Story by Taylor Swift Guitar Lesson

As Performed by Taylor Swift

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